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For thousands of years Sage has been used in spiritual practices and is said to house antimicrobial properties that keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi away. Although it's scientifically unproven, Sage is said to rlease negative ions which helps neutralize positive ions in the air such as pet dander, pollution, dust, and mold. 


In spiritual practices Sage has been used to connect to the spiritual realm and increase intuition. It can also be used as a ritual tool to dispell negativity. Additional benefits include mood boosting, sleep improving, in an uplifting scent. 


Fragrance notes: A clean and fresh smelling scent of sage. 


Hand poured and hand painted in Delaware.


About the collection: Our first drop (black and white), entitled, Dualitity was all about light versus dark. One cannot exist without the other. Duality exists in all things. We cannot only love the parts of ourselves that the light shines on. Here's to self love in its entirety. 


This collection, Bright Lights, stands in the light. Encouraging us to shine bright wherever we are and not listen to those voices that tell us to dim our lights. 


**Please note when you purchase this item you are purchasing from the Brights collection. Black and white is currently unavailable. You will also not be able to pick your jar color. Brights colors include neon yellow, neon pink, and neon orange. **





    We thank you for your purchase but we are unable to accept returns or exchanges at this time.

Cleanse 100% Soy Wax / Hand Painted Candle

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