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The Story of

London Rock Art


London Rock Art, previously known as London Rock Kids, brings you original art and drawings by London James (Age 10) and Rocklyn Starr (Age 9).

London Rock Art encourages creativity and imaginative thinking by sharing youth created designs that build the foundation for innovation and self-confidence. The release of our coloring book and other merchandise has given us the opportunity to connect with youth ages 16 and under through our seasonal “Cocoa and Coloring” events; where we color pages in our book, joke, and engage in meaningful conversations with our peers.

Our goal is to continue to foster this creativity and let kids know that they can turn their passions into their purpose. By supporting our business you will help us publish more books, come up with even more innovative merchandise, and most importantly continue to host events that shine a light on our youth’s talents.

In 2022 we began handpainting the name "London Rock" our signature candle collection, apparel, and accessories. 

Stay Amazing!

Stay Creative!

Stay YOU!

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